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What we do...
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  Our Adventurer Club consist of 6 different classes; Little Lambs (for pre-schoolers), Eager Beavers (for Kindergarteners) and Adventurer Classes: Busy Bees (1st graders), Sunbeams (2nd graders), Builders (3rd graders, Helping Hands (4th graders).

Our meetings consist of creative, fun-filled learning experiences tailored for each age group.  All children will learn about nature, health and fitness, people skills and most importantly about the Bible.

Throughout the year, as part of the club's activities, the children will participate on: club meetings(awards), field trips, crafts and games, nature activities (hiking, camping), Conference events, Outreach ministry activities, and learn to play chimes.

Our club has two meetings a month, unless otherwise specified.  We ask that parents of young children (Little lambs & Eager Beavers) be present during the meetings to assist the teacher with the children's work.  We also encourage the participation of our children at church services on Sabbath.  One Sabbath each month the children will perform a special task.